Finally, Discover The Secrets To Survive The Coming Collapse Without Fear!

Survival is More Than Canned Food and Matches.

Everything You Knew About Preparing is About to Change!

George ShepherdFor those that don’t know me, I’m George Shepherd, publisher of Survivalist Magazine.

Every year, I help thousands of people learn to survive in some of the toughest situations and disaster scenarios.

Those that I help, gain peace of mind that NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! They be able to survive anything without fear and provide for family and friends closest to them even if they’ve dismissed your repeated warnings.

In most cases, the difference between life and death in a disaster or potentially dangerous situation can come down to seconds and having the confidence in skills necessary to think and react quickly. Ask Yourself…

Do You Know How To…
  • Build a Safe Shelter?
  • Canning & Preserve Food?
  • Garden in Containers?
  • Homeschool Your Children?
  • Build a Solar Oven?
  • Purify Untreated Water?
  • Give Emergency First Aid?
  • Handle 2012 Survival Scenarios?
  • Make Your Own Ch’arki?
  • Identify & Avoid Venomous Snakes?
  • Defend Yourself Against Attack?
  • Identify Edible & Medicinal Plants?
  • Navigate by the Sun & Stars?
  • Field Dress Small & Large Game?
  • Survive a Nuclear Attack?
  • Tie Strong Knots & Hitches?
  • Dehydrate & Preserve Meat?
  • Treat Serious Dental Pain?
  • Make a Survival Bow?
  • Buy and Maintain a Handgun?
  • Build a Bug-Out Vehicle?
  • Make and Use Bio-diesel?
  • Build a Survival Food Bank?
  • Start Fire Without Matches? & More…

Early on, I had no clue what was going on in the world or that I needed to prepare for anything! After I started doing some of my own research, I began to see the bigger, darker picture of what is coming just around the corner.

As a boy, I always loved to camp and since we didn’t have much money growing up, I learned to make do with what I had. These days many people try to give their children everything, so much so that they have become lazy and unmotivated.

That is one of the reasons that I believe we are at this point today. I wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood. In order to grow, we all need to challenge ourselves. And a touch or uncertainty in life can be a good thing! The confidence that grows from uncertainty can only come from being prepared to face the future without fear.

When I started looking into getting my own family prepared I realized that there was a lot that I didn’t know. There were books, websites, forums and I learned that many of which were full of both good and bad advice.

So I decided that I needed a shortcut to sift through and discard all the bad advice and build on the good. Unfortunately, that looked like it was going to take years to do on my own and I knew that time was a luxury that we simply don’t have at this point!

It Takes a Strong Person to Admit They Need Help…

Being an already successful publisher of other magazines, after talking with others, I decided to start a magazine and assemble a team of experts to not only help me learn but help thousands of others that had recently woke to the grim reality that we are living a dream right now that is not sustainable.

This way I didn’t have to be the expert right from the start, but rather I could pick and choose from the top experts in the community that each had their own specialty.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now…

Things are changing, but not for the better. Governments are abusing their powers, stealing from the people and taking any freedom that we have left in the name of security.

If people were more self-reliant, I believe that we wouldn’t be where we are today. Politicians would be held accountable and your rights would still be intact. The mass population wouldn’t have been brainwashed to believe that they need the benevolent government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave.

Every week we hear of some new natural or man-made disaster or even some cooked-up terrorist plot to destroy us all. Aren’t you tired of living in fear? I was until I went on a personal quest to find the solutions that I now teach to others.

This Time You Can’t Afford To Be Wrong…

Nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario becoming a harsh reality, but it’s a question that we should all be asking ourselves in these uncertain political and economic times.

We like to believe that everything is going to remain stable and nothing could ever bring us to the the bring of extinction. Or that the warnings of disaster and upheaval are just the rantings of paranoid fear mongers and “right wing” conspiracy nuts, with no real foundation in reality.

political collapse

I know it’s easier to just bury your head in the sand and believe that they are not true… But you can’t!

It almost sounds cliché, but I can’t think of another time in recent history when there has been so many threats to our personal freedom, security and safety.

With the dangers of an economic collapse, political and corporate corruption, attacks on our liberty, rogue nuclear nations, fanatical terrorist states, not to mention the alarming increase of natural (and not-so-natural) disasters, and mounting civil unrest, these are indeed precarious times to say the least.

The question you have to ask yourself is…

Do You Have The Skills Needed to Survive?

Can your family and friends count on you when times get tough? Without reliable solutions within your grasp, doesn’t it seemlogical that a dangerously devistating situation is almost a certainty!

Even among those that are aware of the dangers on our domestic and international landscapes, many wouldn’t have the first clue about what to do if our infrastructure suddenly collapsed, or if they were forced to evacuate their homes.

FEMA was created for a purpose and they have a tiny cot or multi-body plastic lined coffin waiting for you when it all hits the fan! Don’t believe me? Do the research like I did, but be forewarned… what you will discover WILL no doubbt SHOCK YOU.

What Are Some of the Things I Need to Prepare For?

World Economic Collape:There is no use hiding from the simple fact that greed and corruption have let us to a place that we can no longer run from. The experts all agree that there will be a time soon when the global financial system will collapse under the weight of it’s own debt.

What would you do if one morning you woke to find that your savings was gone? You had no more job because money was worthless, nobody had any means to buy things the things necessary to survive. Commerce came to a halt and you had no skills for which to barter to feed your family. It has happen before… it will happen again!

Electro Magnetic Pulse: Also known as an “EMP”. EMPs can be both natural and man-made. They naturally occur during time of increased solar activity. They also can be generated from a nuclear detonation, or special device designed uniquely for that purpose. An EMP blast disables all non-protected electrical devices including our entire power grid.

Most don’t realize how much of our lives are dependent on having electrical power. A grid wide collapse would be devistating and could take as much as a decade to be repaired. History has shown that natural EMP events happen every hundred years and we are long overdue!

Hurricanes: Everyone knows that hurricanes are a certainty and have brought devistation to areas and people who were not prepared. Hurricane Katrina, Andrew, Irene and others have caused damage that not only killed people but destroyed entire regions. Although we don’t hear about it as often, the damage that Katrina caused has still not been repaired in many areas.

Don’t underestimate the magnitude of hurricanes, they can reach hundreds of miles inland. Although they are not as scary sounding as some other disasters, when it happens to you… you will think otherwise!

Tsunamis: Triggered by underwater earthquakes and even severe heather, tsunamis have completely destroyed the population of those affected areas. Reaching a hundred miles inland, the majority of the Earth’s population lives within 100 miles from the coast.

Other devistating effects can result in nuclear explosions such as the one that recently happened in Fukushima Japan. Scientists agree that we have not fully realized the impact on sea life and the effects of the amount of radiation released worldwide from this disaster! With the majority of nuclear power plants near the coast, you can bet that a Fukushima WILL happen again.

Earthquakes: Most notably on the west coast of the U.S., earthquakes happen regularly under densly populated areas. They happen suddenly without warning and in a matter of seconds can level buildings. Most recently in Haiti, a single earthquake can take an entire country by surprise and cause wide-spread devistation.

Just as in the case of Tsunamis, earthquakes can affect vital infrastructure and even lead to a massive radiological disaster. Fault lines exist even in places that are not used to experieceing earthquakes. A global earth shift could set off a mega-quake that could activate long dormant fault lines.

Tornados: Those that live in “tornado alley” in the U.S. know that mother nature can be deadly. Simple thunderstorms can trun quickly into a powerhouse of destruction ripping trees from the grould, peeling off roofs like tin foil and leveling whole neighborhoods. Tornados can happen anywhere at anytime, no one is immune to their destructive force.

A single tornado can easily relieve you of all your preps if you don’t know how to prepare and protect your supplies. There is no excuse for being caught “off guard” when a tornado strikes. You’ve been warned and now it’s in your hands what you will do knowing that it can happen to anyone.

Terrorism: Osama Bin Laden is not the only terrorist in the world. Contrary to popular opinion terrorism is NOT dead. There are many groups and also lone wolf types that are angry and don’t value the cost of their deadly deeds. Although the goventment would like us to believe that everybody is a potential terrorist, we must stay vigilant not to get cought by surprise.

It is important to note that governments practice the worst form of terrorism on it their own people. Don’t be surprised if a knock on the door in the middle of the night could bring you to your knees and you watch your family dragged from your home by those sworn to protect you.

Biological Disaster: Diseases and sickness left untreated can wipe out millions. Pandemics such as swine flu, bird flu and others have brought attention to thefact that as humans, we are fragile beings. A microscopic organism can effectively kill off the human population with no clear enemy to fight. Disease and contagious illness have decreased the human population many times throughout history.

Surviving a natural or man-made biological threat is very real and should not be ignored. We have the power within us to cause our own extinction. Do you know how to protect those you love from the next plague?

2012 Scenarios: The Mayans predicted the end of an age in their famed calendar. Could this be the end of the world as we know it? 2012 theories range from natural disasters to alien visitation to galactic alignments to a shift in planetary conciousness and others. The truth is that understanding the fundamentals of survival in all situations will give you the best chance for survial in the days ahead.

It’s a curious coincidence that many doomsday prophecies center around this date. No matter what may happen, it you’re prepared for the worst and have a plan, then you will be able to sleep easier knowing that you are truly ready.

Will You Be Prepared to Defend Your Life And Property?

In a large-scale disaster or emergency, you can’t rely on police, or medical responders to come to your rescue. They’ll be way too busy dealing with the chaos.

You must be prepared to deal with things like, gangs, looters, disease, finding water and food, reliable shelter, self-defense and even the death of a loved one.

Anyone who’s lived through hurricane Katrina can tell you, you can’t count on FEMA for help. They may even take awya your ownly means of defense if you let them.

So you’re basically on your own!! You may have to deal with a hostile urban environment. There may be threats to your health, property, or even your freedom.

You may have to “get out of Dodge” altogether, and make a go of it out in the relative safety of the wilderness. In any of those situations, you’ll have only your own wits, and expertise to rely on to keep yourself and your family safe. Most good, hard working people do not have the luxury to spend years learning, training and testing survival techniques.

Recently there’s been much talk about “financial meltdown”, “recessions” and a coming “social collapse”. When people can no longer buy the food they need, they WILL STEAL and KILL in order not to face starvation.

Are you prepared to defend yourself and loved ones from others that will surely seek to relieve you of your food, water and possibly your life because they themselves were not prepared? Let me assure you that these things DO & WILL HAPPEN in disaster events.

Even The Media Is Trying To Warn Us…

You may have noticed that there are now popular television shows that are capitalizing on the fear propaganda by exposing the population to a “survivalist” mindset.

Are “they” trying to tell us something or maybe even warn us of things to come?

Of course most of us will never find ourselves stranded in the African plains or living with a tribe of natives in the middle of the Amazon, but none-the-less starvation or danger can find you anywhere and at anytime.

The thing about survival is that it’s not an event that you can make a reservation for, it’s not a dream you can wake up from when things get too uncomfortable… it is real and it WILL kill you if you’re not prepared.

Don’t think that because you watched a few episodes of “Survivorman” you’ll be spared. In some cases, you won’t be able to use your T.V. in an attempt to learn necessary skills when you’re already in trouble!

Your Family Is Also At Risk…

Man Woman WildThe mainstream media goes further by depicting situations involving family and the reality that more than likely, others will be depending on you for their survival.

Reality TV has also brought the idea of family or survival with a partner to the table with the popular series “Man Woman Wild” and “Dual Survival”.

While these shows do have useful information, they are created to “entertainment”. Try keeping it together when your family is starving or when you have to do things that you never thought you’d do. Are you ready gamble your family’s lives on a few tricks that you “sort of”, “kinda” remember from a TV show?

Come on let’s be real here… When the SH*T hits the fan… and it will, you may be the only one qualified to protect those around you. Even the ones that dismissed your warnings about the future will look up to you when they have nowhere else to turn.

Now, There is a Better Way…

Knowing what is coming and being prepared for any situation is the key to surviving without fear!

You’re about to discover the broadest range of information and resources that cover the total spectrum of survivalist scenarios all in one place.

You won’t find a wealth of information like this anywhere on the Internet or in any book.While some others do a good job of providing accurate information, they tend to focus on only one or two areas of interest.

That’s why I decided to pool all this life-saving information in one convenient place. In this course, my goal is to provide an in-depth resource with tools and guides that cover the broadest range of survival situations. Sounds like a tall order, believe me, I know.

Which is why our staff of experts are constantly working to add to our vault of valuable information and resources. Every month, you can look forward to new updates and additions that will help you become a complete survivalist! In areas such as…

Disaster Preparedness, Surviving “In-Place”, Emergency Wilderness Survival, Surviving a Nuclear Attack, Self-Sustainability, Urban Survival, Possible 2012 Scenarios , And Much More…

Contrary to popular belief; most survivalists are not paranoid, fringe-element, Rambo types who live on raw meat and pray for Armageddon. We’re sensible, well-balanced, Patriotic folks who know the difference between optimism, and full-on denial.

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, it’s about prudence, not paranoia. Or, as the saying goes: “Pray for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

Living with a philosophy towards survival does not mean that you have to spend a lot of time, effort, or money on things that will prove useless, or futile in the event a disaster does not occur.

Survival preparedness is not about stockpiling a bunch of food that you’ll never eat, or learning skills that you’ll never use.

It’s about integrating knowledge and practices into your existing life-style that will ultimately improve your quality of life, no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen). Not to mention, that the peace of mind, and sense of independence and self-confidence you’ll get from knowing you’re equipped to handle just about any situation is priceless in itself!

And the things you’ll learn can be applied to numerous areas of your life; such as:

Saving Money by Preserving Your Own Food, Knowing How to Treat Minor and Major Injuries, Producing Your Own Energy and Lowering Your Bills, Growing Your Own Vegetables (even in the city), Knowing How To Defend Yourself On The Streets, Using Natural Remedies Instead of the Pharmacy , Solving Problems With Home-Made Solutions

And the list goes on and on!

Needless to say, knowledge, and these skill-sets have the ability to enrich your life in countless ways, even outside of a disaster scenario. You’ll also have the added benefit of being prepared to make the transition from your modern lifestyle into one of self-sufficiency, should things take a turn for the worst.

You could spend countless hours searching the internet, books and buying DVDs costing hundreds of dollars, just to obtain a fraction of the information that you’ll have access to as a member of Complete Survivalist.

Here are a few of over 20 Survival and Preparedness Guides that you’ll get instant access to:

Bug-Out Vehicle Guide

Bug-Out Vechicle Guide

Mobility – the ability to travel relatively long distances is absolutely imperative in a SHTF situation. This is especially true if you plan on escaping to a distant retreat, but it’s also helpful just for doing work and hauling things around the homestead in a long-term, self-reliance scenario.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Choosing Your First Handgun

Choosing Your First Handgun
There are many things to consider when selecting your first handgun for self defense, and everybody has their own (hotly debated) opinion on which type is “best”.



Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How To Treat Dental Pain

Choosing Your First Handgun
There’s plenty of good information out there when it comes to first aid and the treatment of injuries like broken bones, sprains, cuts and burns in a survival/disaster situation, but you’re no less likely to suffer a dental emergency like a broken tooth, dislodged crown, or filling, abscess, or a simple toothache.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How to Make Biodiesel

How to Make Biodiesel
If there’s a societal collapse, or a crash in oil production, (or both) petroleum based fuels are going to be very difficult (and dangerous) to come by. You can only store up so much gasoline and/or petroleum based diesel fuel.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How To Field Dress Large Game

How To Field Dress Large Game
By popular demand… Here’s a guide that will take you through the steps that are necessary to field-dress (gut) and skin larger game such as deer, or elk, out in the wild.



Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Make Your Own Ch’arki

Make Your Own Ch’arkiCh’arki is one of the oldest and most universally used survival foods, and a valuable addition to your food bank, and bug-out bag. The name comes from the Incas, who made this food as far back as the 16th century, but some say Native Americans have been making it for thousands of years.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Homeschooling Your Child

Homeschooling Your Child

The government-run public school system qualifies as a disaster in its own right. While increased government involvement with the “No Child Left Behind” program promised to improve our public schools, it has actually lowered educational standards, making the system worse than it was before!


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Useful Knots & Hitches

Useful Knots & Hitches

If you thought knot tying was just for Boy Scouts and sailors, you’re not alone.
But there are lots of situations where the common overhand knot just won’t do.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Successful Container Gardening

Successful Container Gardening

With the threat of hyper-inflation, and food prices going through the roof, providing your own food isn’t just good way to save money – it could be absolutely essential for your survival and sustainability. Unfortunately, not everybody lives in a rural area, with a large amount of arable land at their disposal, but you can still grow a variety of staple crops in various containers on your porch, balcony, or around the foundation of your house.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

2012 Survival Guide

2012 Survival Guide

In the notes of Nostradamus, as well as the predictions of the Maya and Hopi people, December 21st 2012 has been prophesied as a date of world-wide cataclysm and upheaval. There are many theories about how this global event will manifest.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How to Build a Survival Shelter

How to Build a Survival Shelter

Exposure to the elements is one of your biggest threats when surviving in the wild. Along with food and water, shelter is absolutely essential in ensuring your safety. This guide teaches you how to build improvised shelters out of natural materials in a variety of environments.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Finding Direction With the Sun & Stars

Finding Direction With the Sun & Stars

If you’ve ever been lost in the wilderness, you know how dangerous that can be. This guide teaches you everything you need to know about finding direction without a compass, using only astronomical indicators.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Venomous Snakes of the United States

Venomous Snakes of the United States

Being bitten by a venomous snake in the U.S. is not as likely a danger as most people think. However; it can be a serious threat if you’re in a survival situation, where medical attention is unavailable.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How to Make a Survival Bow

How to Make a Survival Bow

The bow and arrow is a simple, yet elegant hunting tool that’s been around almost as long as humanity itself. This guide shows you how to make a field-expedient bow that’s suitable for hunting small game for survival in the wild when traditional firearms are either unavailable, or impractical.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How to Build a Solar Oven

How to Build a Solar Oven

In any survival situation, it’s absolutely imperative to make the most out of all your natural resources. This book shows you how to build a solar oven out of common materials that’s lightweight and easy to transport. Perfect for cooking food in a disaster situation, when conventional methods are no longer available, or for use out in the wild.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Surviving A Nuclear Attack

Surviving A Nuclear Attack

The threat of nuclear war didn’t disappear with the fall of the Soviet Union. With such rogue nuclear nations like North Korea, and other enemies of the U.S. looking to acquire nuclear weapons, the threat of nuclear attack is still very real. This guide details what to do in the event of an impending nuclear strike to maximize your chances of survival.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

How to Purify Water

How To Purify Water

Safe, clean drinking water is your most vital resource for survival. But in the wild, or after a disaster, you can never be sure if the available water is safe to drink, and you can’t trust filtration alone. This book shows you several methods of purifying water, both in the home, and out in the field that eliminate the risks of ingesting dangerous microorganisms.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Survival First Aid Guide

Survival First Aid Guide

First among the threats to your survival are injuries that may result from a disaster, accident, or mishap. If gone untreated, even a minor injury can become a life threatening condition. This guide shows you how to treat a broad array of common injuries and conditions ranging from insects stings, and snakebites to broken bones, severe wounds and hypothermia.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Complete Guide to Canning

Complete Guide to Canning

Prepare for soaring food costs, and economic collapse by storing food now! Home canned foods are inexpensive, and require no refrigeration, or chemical preservatives, making them perfect for a survival food-bank. This valuable guide takes you step-by-step through teaching you everything you need to know in order to build a stockpile of preserved meats, vegetables and fruits to weather the hard financial times ahead.

Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

Identifying Edible & Medicinal Plants

Identifying Edible & Medicinal Plants

Nature is abundant with edible plants that can serve as a food source to survive any ordeal. Others can be used to treat ailments, or injuries. But there are also many that can injure or kill you if ingested. This guide teaches you procedures that you can use to identify plants that are safe to eat, and tells you what to avoid.


Retail: $27 FREE TODAY!

That’s Not All! There’s More… Keep Reading!

Any one of our informative ebooks alone could cost you anywhere from $27 to $97 if purchased separately (and it would be worth every penny). But as a member, you’ll have access to an ever-expanding resource of valuable, life-saving information.

This isn’t just a download heap of random ebooks and articles culled from who-knows-where like you’ll find at other sources on the web.

These are well written and thoroughly researched guides written by myself and my staff, including carefully selected materials from other authors in the survivalist field.

Collectively, this knowledge-base represents decades of experience, and countless man-hours of work to provide you with the most comprehensive complete resource of survival and preparedness information anywhere!

Plus Members Only Exclusive Interviews

You will get access to exclusive members only interviews with some of the world’s top survival experts and preppers!

We’ve gone the extra mile to create transcriptions from these interviews that you can download and print right from your private comuter. Also, we’ve included the full mp3s of each interview so you can listen to them from any mp3 enabled audio device or computer.

Escape and Evasion – Chance Sanders
In this interview, I’m talking with security expert; Chance Sanders about escape and evasion techniques in a grid-down, societal collapse situation. Chance is a former U.S. Marine, where he was a weapons and marksmanship instructor. He currently works as a tactical and security consultant (for an “undisclosable” agency) and works closely with Dave Canterbury at his Pathfinder Survival School. Chance has a lot of knowledge about how to keep yourself safe when the world goes sideways and there’s danger all around.

Surviving a Nuclear Attack – Janet Liebsch
Contrary to popular belief, a nuclear attack IS a survivable event (provided you’re not at ground zero when the bomb drops). Along with her husband Bill, Janet Liebsch has spent a lifetime learning survival techniques for the most horrific disasters and co-authored the book: It’s a DISASTER!… and What are YOU Gonna do About it? In this interview we discuss what to do before, during and after a nuclear attack and how to emerge on the other side alive an healthy.

How to Build an Experdient Forge – Corcceigh Green
Corcceigh Green is a homesteader, blacksmith and all-around self-reliance expert, because he lives the life and walks the talk, out in the wilds of northern Idaho. In this interview, Corcceigh explains how to build an expedient forge for metal-working in an austere environment after a collapse (it’s a lot easier than you may think!) and what kinds of tools an materials you will need to get a rudimentary “smithy” up and running.

Metal Working – Corcceigh Green
As a follow-up to Corcceigh’s instruction on how build an expedient forge, in this interview we talk to Corcceigh about the finer details of working with metal, tool making, and where to find materials. Fortunately, in a post-collapse situation, it’s not about mining and smelting ore. There will be all kinds of refined metals already laying around you after the crash happens. It’s all about what you can use and how to process it into the tools and items that you will need.

Earthquake Survival – Janet Liebsch
In this conversation, the co-author of “It’s a DISASTER” returns to discuss what we should to prepare for and survive an earthquake. We all saw what happened in Japan when they got struck by an earthquake and the most repeated comment heard in the media was how much worse the situation could have been had the Japanese not been as prepared as they were. Earthquakes are starting to happen in areas that are not normally prone to them, so it’s best to be prepared!

Surviving a Nuclear Power Plant Disaster – Janet Liebsch
The United States has over 100 nuclear power plants (most concentrated on the eastern seaboard). What if there was meltdown, power failure or terrorist attack? Would you know what to do to protect yourself? Japan is still suffering from the aftermath of the Fukushima powerplant disaster following the earthquake and tsunami. In this interview we discuss how to prepare for and respond to such a nuclear power plant disaster.

Conflict Resolution – Jim Cobb
In any group, there’s always the potential for conflict to arise. Especially in a survival group after a collapse. In this interview, we have survival expert, private investigator and security professional; Jim Cobb discussing the skills and techniques that you can use to diffuse mitigate or eliminate conflict when tension and emotions are running high in a survival situation and everything is on the line.

Homestead High-Tech – John Milandred

John Milandred is the founder of “Pioneer Living” an online magazine that teaches people how to live the way they did in the days of the American pioneers. John has been living this lifestyle for almost a decade on his homestead in south-east Oklahoma and in this installment, John shares with us an ecologically friendly, low-cost (and low effort) method for heating your water and home that’s completely sustainable and only needs renewing every 18 months. It’s amazing!

Treating Minor and Major Wounds in a Collapse Situation – Dr. Bones & Nurse Amy

Joseph Alton M.D. (aka “Dr. Bones”) is a retired surgeon and survival expert and his wife; Amy Alton (aka “Nurse Amy”) is a retired trauma nurse and midwife. Together they present an enormous amount of information about the things you need to know to treat injuries and wounds in a collapse situation, when everything is going haywire and there’s little to no chance of expecting first-responders, EMTs or any other kind of emergency medical care.

BONUS: Six In-Depth Special Reports

How to Make a Bug-Out Bag
What are you going to do if you’re faced with a crisis that forces you to leave your home in a hurry? Scramble around trying to grab up everything you think you’re going to need? When your brain is in “fight or flight” mode, it’s impossible to remember everything, and you don’t want to find out at a crucial moment that you left a vital piece of gear behind. The 72-Hour Bag is an indispensable element of preparedness that every survivalist should have on hand. This report will show you everything you need to pack and have ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Staying Hydrated In The Wild
Dehydration can kill you in as little as three days. This informative guide gives you tips on how to avoid excessive dehydration in a survival situation. It also outlines common and unconventional methods of procuring drinking water in the wild.


Primitive Survival Hunting
The movies make survival hunting look easy, but would you really know what to do to procure food if you were stuck in the wilderness without any traditional hunting weapons? This report explains how to improvise three primitive hunting tools that our ancient ancesters used to use, and how to find the easiest prey for survival in the wild.

How to Make a Comprehensive Disaster First Aid Kit
Providing first aid in a disaster situation is more demanding than the requirements of common, every day first aid situations. It requires a larger, more specific spectrum of medical supplies and tools that are not found in your average commercial first aid kit. This book lists all the crucial elements that go into a comprehensive kit that will equip you to handle just about any disaster situation.

How to Field-Dress Small Game
Small game animals are an important source of survival food, but what do you do with that rabbit or squirrel after you’ve shot/snared it? This guide will teach you how to safely skin and dress (gut) your critter in the field before cooking it.


How to Build a Survival Food Bank
This helpful guide shows you how to stock up for survival. It details all the essential elements that go into building a well-planned food bank that will help you and your family get through the coming wave of hyper-inflation, and possible economic meltdown.


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